The Little Skidoo Story

                                                 In the song, as penned by Bert Collins written for his son, he tells                                                       about a fateful Christmas eve when Santa's sleigh crashes and one                                                     of its skis is broken. It can no longer fly. Santa puts the reindeer                                                      safely in a near-by barn and discovers a little skidoo. He convinces                          the skidoo to take him the rest of the way so he can deliver presents to the children.


Things go well until the skidoo runs out of snow and probably cannot complete the mission.  This is terrible. What can Santa and the skidoo do? Santa convinces the Little Skidoo that with enough belief and faith, it will be able to fly. And fly it does, delivering presents to all. The story end ends happily, of course!

Fast forward to 2022. How can the original story be re-imagined? 

This time, the setting is the local CKLU 96.7 radio station in downtown Sudbury. It's Christmas eve and the radio DJ Woolly Mammoth has invited Bert Collins, the creator of many children's songs including Little Skidoo, to be featured entertainer playing and singing live on the air.


Collins accepts the invitation but is very nervous.  He hasn't played in public for years. He brings along his 7-year-old niece Dominique for moral support. This bilingual ball of fire has never been in a radio station before and couldn't be more excited.


The evening is going well with local families calling in to wish family and friends a Merry Christmas on air.  These families can be seen on facetime on a film feed on stage.

Part way through the evening, NORAD announces they've lost Santa on radar, something that has not happened since that fateful winter of 1977.


This is a disaster. How can Christmas be saved with no Santa? Finally, a drone finds his location while Santa sets out to try to find the Little Skidoo. Can it be found?  Can it still fly? Will it save Christmas again?


As in all good stories, things work out if we believe strongly. The 2022 version has a number of modern twists and turns but is every bit as captivating for the entire audience as Collin's original song. The magic of Christmas lives on.